We are obsessed with advising the ambitious.

We know (first hand) that building a business and a legacy is not easy, and we are here to help you navigate the legal minefields. 

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We are obsessed with advising the ambitious.

We know (first hand) that building a business and a legacy is not easy, and we are here to help you navigate the legal minefields. 

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If you are ready to turn your big business idea into reality, don’t do it alone. Taking a S.M.A.R.T. approach from the very start will help ensure you have a solid foundation to launch and continue to grow your business worry-free. 

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Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Typically, small to mid-size businesses have small teams and rely on resource efficiency for success. With Smart Counsel, you are able to delegate your legal needs to us, allowing your team to stay focused on what you do best. We have you covered from every legal and regulatory angle so that you can be confident that your business is protected as you continue to grow. 

We can also support you as you move from a small to mid-size business and beyond. Our team will look out for your best interests as you expand, whether you grow organically or enter into a Merger or Acquisition. 


Large Companies

For large companies or pre-IPOs, our attorneys can act as your fractional in-house counsel by participating in board meetings, maintaining corporate records, and assisting in all transactions with third parties on your behalf. Smart Counsel will be like an extra set of eyes while seeking innovative ways to grow your business further. 

We can also provide back-up support to your in-house legal team.


Entertainers, Influencers, and Athletes 

Smart Counsel attorneys have earned the trust of several top entertainers, influencers, and athletes. We assist them with their business ventures, including alcohol and cannabis brands they create, tax needs, and evaluating potential investments.  


Startups and Entrepreneurs

Our team of lawyers can help: 

Highly Regulated Industries

Smart Counsel attorneys have been nominated and awarded top recognition for their roles in the alcohol and cannabis industries. These areas of law require strict compliance, and our attorneys are the best of the best.  


Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

Smart Counsel is a 100% woman-owned law firm, and half of our partners are minorities. While our clientele is diverse and inclusive, we are committed to uplifting as many women and minority-owned businesses as possible! We are honored to help other companies like ours break down barriers and unleash their magic on the world. If that sounds like you, let’s chat. Together, we can do big things!


We take a
S.M.A.R.T. approach

Smart Counsel uses the S.M.A.R.T. method to focus our efforts and pinpoint what would define a win for your business, providing tangible results as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!

Our team of lawyers gives a hoot

We are uniquely positioned to help you at various stages of your business journey because we are passionate about helping businesses make S.M.A.R.T. legal decisions. 

We embrace a culture of evolution

Like you, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation in our industry. We challenge ourselves to keep our knowledge base growing while pushing the boundaries of what is possible so we can continue to be the best partners to our clients. 

Our Pillars of Success

Our motto is change, adapt, or die.

Happy Clients


 "Smart Counsel gave us sage advice on our incorporation and tax strategy as a business that is co-located across two states.

Whenever we need to know what to do next, we turn to the team at Smart Counsel as our trusted advisors."

Co-Founder ~ Business Growth Consultancy

We are a full-service corporate firm backed by a team of lawyers ready to support you at every level of your business evolution.